In these days of uncertainty, security is taking a front seat for home owners and  business owners.

The all new Tranzview system, utilizing the power and stability of Linux, is the affordable solution to consider for truly securing your home or business.

The internet is providing an amazing means to be able to view, in real time, what is happening in places near and far.  We harness that ability and provide you real time monitoring of any place you choose.  And, you can monitor it from thousands of miles away.

There are no moving parts, everything is integrated in one compact unit. Our stable Linux based software guarantees that your Tranzview system will always be online and operating.



Using standard  CCTV cameras, including your existing cameras, simply connect to the Tranzview unit to your internet connected network, flip the switch and your done.  It is the simplest system you can use.



Tranzview allows the user to monitor not only what you see on your cameras, but, what is actually sold on the cash registers. View any number of pre-defined exceptions listed right next to the video image.


Compatible with most every cash register available. You can interface your existing equipment with ease